blog3The system of distributing items to the different warehouse distribution centers is a very complex process. Many logistics are involved in it. Most importantly, you need a truck or other transportation to carry the products from one destination to the other.

Products that enter the distribution center are stored in different containers depending on the size and type of the material. Special equipment is used to take care of the different containers. For example, fork lift truck is used to move stacked pallets.

Here are some of the specialized containers that are used:

  • Shipping containers: used for carrying goods.banner4
  • Pallets: used to store goods and move them in a distribution center. Pallets are handled by special devices like pallet jack, pallet inverter or forklift truck. Pallets may be stored in pallet racking.
  • Gaylords: boxes connected to a pallet.
  • Cartons and cases: contains many items. Goods are stored in cartons, but shipped in cases. A stored carton is referred to as a case. Totes are another type of container that are reusable.

There are mainly three areas of a distribution center: the receiving dock, storage and the shipping dock. In small companies, the receiving and shipping docks are the same function, but in case of large companies, the functions are separate.

The process…

The process of bringing items to the storage facility and then distributing it is a lengthy process and several logistics are involved in it. The different logistics include procurement logistics, distribution logistics, after sales logistics, etc.

A number of supervisors are in charge of these logistics. They are well trained to handle each equipment and run the entire process efficiently. Logistics is an integral part of the warehouse distribution system. Warehouse distribution centers cannot function without them.