blog2Whatever warehouse storage system you choose, it must be able to take heavy load. The storage system must have easy accessibility to the products stored in them. It must be made sure that they don’t take up much of the floor space. Different types of warehouse storage systems exist. These are:

#1 Pallet storage systems

This type of storage makes assembling easy. They can be found in different sizes. You should buy one that best meets the storage requirements. This storage system doesn’t take up much of the floor space and so allows room for you to walk.

#2 Storage cabinets

This type of storage is required for high density equipment. The materials stored here can be easily accessed. Lock and key feature is available for extra protection. These are especially designed for the warehouse purposes itself.

#3 Mezzanine floors

This is a great way to increase the capacity of your floor. Your wasted office space can be turned into two tier or three tier mezzanine floors. This saves you from renting another office or warehouse.

#4 Partitioning

You can have different types of partitions as your storage system. There are fully glazed partitions, powder coated steel partitions, metal and plaster board partition, etc. Doors ranging from single leaf, half leaf or double leaf can be used.

#5 Shelving

We provide different types of shelving for both commercial and industrial use. From small shelf rack to large storage — we provide everything. There is longspan shelving, metal adjustable shelving, two tier shelving, archive shelving, etc. These shelvings offer different types of storage space.

Warehouse storage systems are designed according to the needs of the customers. A warehouse system can stock goods and move from one place to another. You should choose the warehouse storage system depending on your material and storage space.